Tailings are a series of images taken utilizing Google Earth satellites, cut from their landscapes and aestheticized with bright colors. They make look visually appealing, but in reality these abstract geometric forms are toxic tailings ponds which can be found across the globe. Dubbed "the biggest environmental disaster you've never heard of" these ponds hold leftovers from extraction operations. They can contain high levels of heavy metals, most notably; arsenic, mercury, and lead. They can hold thousands of Olympic sized swimming pools,  have caused the deaths of wildlife, and threaten our ecosystem in the event of a dam collapse. This work tests the principles within the medium of photography as the satellite images already exist. They are then manipulated, cut from their landscapes, to a point in which they are unrecognizable as satellite imagery. In doing so, the intention lies therein that the subject matter has been abstracted to a point that the viewer is drawn to color and shape. The agenda hides beneath the surface, daring viewers to gain a closer look into the ugly truth of these beautiful figures.